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WinStar® Investor Searches address all phases and types of investors including:

  • Private Equity Funds (both control and minority stake investors)
  • Family Offices
  • Strategic Corporate Investors
  • Business Development Corporations
  • Management Buy-Out Funds
  • High Yield Credit Investors
  • Each WinStar® Investor Search is tailored according to the capital requirements of the Client and can be focused on criteria including specific sector, transaction size, investment requirements, geography and other criteria provided by the Client. The Investor Search is compiled by a team of experts who rank and provide ratings according to their sector investment and return history.

    WinStar® Investor Searches are generated in particular for each Client and utilize a variety of data bases. Each Search can also define the total size of investor funds, fund life, remaining dry powder and potential fits for follow - on investments. Investor Searches are executed on a fixed fee basis and include direct investor contacts so the Client may engage in direct fund raising or use the results of the Search when engaging financial advisors. Each Investor Search is independently quoted and deliverable within 30 days.

    Each Search includes qualifying details for potential capital investors with up-to-date data on the size of the fund, sector activity, median investment size, dry powder and email contacts.

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